I was a Live Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum Dulles Annex, Udvar-Hazy Center,
March 25, 2006

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tax Day, Back to Taylor

Well, tax day this year is actually April 18 instead of 15, but I got mine done three weeks ago, so the 15th was a great day to take my "new" Falcon 3 back to Taylor. After totally overdoing it last Sunday I took it easy and only flew once, but it was good to be in the air. Winds were much more polite than last weekend, so easier to pick launch moments for all of us. John M. was there with three students: Ricky on his Falcon 4, Noah on his Mark IV, and Andy on one of John's Falcon 2 trainers. Matt I .was there with girlfriend, for a few training hill tandems. Andy C. from Fredericksburg brought out his brand new PG for his first kiting day with it. Pretty cool green, yellow, and red colors; as he said very African.

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