I was a Live Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum Dulles Annex, Udvar-Hazy Center,
March 25, 2006

Sunday, August 30, 2015

8/29/2015 Taylor Day

The year+ hiatus is finally over! Friday night John M. called to let me know he'd be teaching at Taylor the next day. He recommended an early start, given the summer vacation traffic on I-95. I had my glider on the truck Friday night, and was on the road before 8:00 a.m., arriving at Taylor Farm about 9:10. I set up and waited for John and his students, who started arriving about 10:00. Winds were near perfect much of the day, about 5 mph from S to SW, although we did have a fair amount of easterly cross to wait out. John had three brand new students, Young Lee, Jay, and Perry; two with previous scooter tow lessons, Justin and Lucy; and one aerotow H-2 working on his foot launch skills, Eric. Two other experienced pilots, Jesse and Anthony were out for a bit of launch and landing practice, also.

I was able to get in four flights before declaring myself exhausted (it was, after all 90+ degrees). All my launches were adequate, of not spectacular, and all my landings were good to very good, each better than the one before, and none on the wheels. I was happy, tired, and glad I headed out. I'm back!

Hyner View 40th Anniversary, Independence Day 2015

The weekend was to be my return to the sky. A chance to enjoy the 40th Anniversary Party at Hyner would be a bonus. While I enjoyed the bonus of the party, the basic purpose went unfulfilled. Weather just did not cooperate.  I arrived at the LZ campground late Friday afternoon. Got my tent set up, and visited with a number of the folks up and down the row. Drove up to launch to enjoy the view, but did not consider setting up so late in the day.

Dinner at The Sportsman with Dennis P. and David & Jodie B. was tasty, with enjoyable conversation and a little HG gossip thrown in.

Back in the camp area, I decided that the rain starting about 10 was a good sign for bedtime. The heavy rain pelting the tent was a great soporific sound and I enjoyed the night.  The enjoyment faded in the morning, when I discovered that every piece of clothing in the tent had spent the night touching the wall, wicking the rain into each item. Talk about soggy! So, Saturday morning I moved into a room at the Sportsman, drying off there until the sun came out mid-afternoon. Then I was back at the camp site drying clothes and tent in the sun. Again, a late afternoon jaunt to launch convinced me setting up was not on the schedule. A couple of folks did fly very late before sundown.

The catered party Saturday night was superb, with plenty of food, a bit of drink, and a well-provisioned raffle. I even won one of the drawings.  Late that evening, I understand there was at least one naked fire jumping event, the tradition commemorated on the front of the T-shirts (see above), to demonstrate to a novice camping group what went on "back in the day."

Sunday morning I was back at launch, and set up the Pulse for any good opportunity to fly. The wind was light and over the back all day. Some pilots did launch during lulls, but given that my last previous flight was exactly a year ago, I kept waiting for more favorable conditions. Those conditions never happened, so at 4:00 I broke down and headed home. When I left, John M. was reading in a lawn chair next to his glider, still waiting for the right launch winds. I found out later that he, also, never got them.

Fine weekend, full of fun, very glad I was there to share in the celebration.  Flying will happen again.