I was a Live Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum Dulles Annex, Udvar-Hazy Center,
March 25, 2006

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Independence Day Weekend 2014 at Hyner View

A four day weekend of camping, camaraderie, and possible flying beckoned me to north central Pennsylvania for the holiday weekend. It had been almost five months since my last flight, 9 months since my last high flight, and over two years since my last mountain launch! I was waaaay overdue. The drive up on Thursday was pleasant, but did include a bit of rain en route. I arrived at the Hyner Club camp ground and landing strip at 5 pm. Within ten minutes thunder approached and the rain began. After dinner in Renovo with Marnie and John, I returned to the camp area and set up my tent about 9:00.

Friday the 4th was clear and bright, but wind direction and speed prevented flying. I enjoyed meditating in the sun most of that day. Multiple camping pilots provided fireworks that night, competing with the Renovo community show we could see to the north up the Susquehanna valley. Great fun!

Saturday we a flying day, although many pilots let a lot of launchable air go unused, wanting to be sure the landing zone air would be safe. The set up area was pretty crowded, as you can see, after my short documentation of the beauty of the river:

I watched a lot of launches, helped out on a few, and enjoyed most of the day on the mountain top:

Saturday night was friendly campfires, more fireworks, gorgeous night sky we never see in the DC suburbs, and rather novel late night entertainment by BVH. I'm calling his innovation Firecrackin'.

My flights took place late in the afternoon on Saturday, then mid-morning on Sunday. They were both short; I did a terrible job of finding lift, but launches were good and landings safe. The most wondrous aspect was a return to mountain flying after such a long break. I loved it! Here is a snippet of them, merged together:

 The Hyner club is filled with great pilots and friendly people. Thanks to so many for a superb weekend of escape from the daily grind. Shawn, Bob, Joe, Cookie, Karen, John, Steve, Steve, Spoons, Richard, Keith, Brian, Jim, Lloyd, Jason, Don, Doug, Andy, Jonathan, and so many others all deserve my thanks. It was an outstanding weekend.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Training Day Beckoned 0 2/22/2014

John M called in the morning to let me know he had a couple of students and would be at Taylor Hill for the day. He said I should join them. He was right. I did, loading out my trusty old Pulse. Mark C and David C also brought out their U2 and Eagle, respectively. New (to the area) Ryan not only came out with his Ozone Delta 2 Bag, but was accompanied by lovely spousal driver and three low-mileage groundcrew. Thanks to Ryan for taking a few photos for (of) me, and to his offspring R & A for help they gave me with my glider.

It was a beautiful day, even if a bit windy. I got in three nice flights, each culminating in a great landing. I was stoked about those landings. David flew 5 times, Mark did 7, and John even got in a couple, while he let his students take a short break.

Mark and I are happy we flew.

A victory pose at the bottom of the hill.

Mark on the ready, and John on deck.

OK, Mark and I were ecstatic we flew!

And here you can see Mark, then John, then Mark, again, enjoying the air.
Video of me flying iw on Mark's camera; I'll have to work on getting that.