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March 25, 2006

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Back to Taylor, 12/8/12

I returned to Taylor Farm on Saturday the 8th, once more to join John M. and his students for a day in the sunshine. It was still gray and overcast when we arrived,  the grass still damp. However, by early afternoon the sun had come out, the grass dried off, and the wind was a nice mild southwest coming up the hill with a bit of south cross. Jesse Y. was also there, getting in six flights on his Sport 2. John had four students,: Walt, Eric, Trevor, and Curtis. When I arrived, John chided me that he wanted to see me have more than three flights this week. I obliged him by having five flights. My launch runs and landings were both much improved over last week. This week's video starts with John showing the way it's done, followed by two of his students, and finally my fifth and final flight of the day.

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