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March 25, 2006

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Taylor Farm 11/19/11

Busy day at Taylor Farm. John M had seven students, several of them first timers. A couple of his more experienced had pretty good flights and look close to graduation. Carlos brought his bag, and spent the day kiting in the field, with a couple of flights late in the day. Peter, who had not flown in two years, came out with Janice and her 1 year old Newfie/Bernad, Bear. Matthew and Karen brought both plumbing and bags, prepared for any eventuality of wind.

From 11 to mid afternoon, the forecast 8-10 mph winds were more like 10-15 at the top of the hill. It was a bit more mellow down in the field. Matthew, Karen and I were launching from 1/3 down the hill to be in more benign winds. Peter, being more hardy, was launching from the top, albeit with careful timing. By 4:00 it finally mellowed out, and Matthew, Karen, and Carlos all got some bag flights in.

I made three flights, all with reasonable launch runs, the final one with a fully acceptable landing. Also, proved to myself I need to get more exercise.

Sunset across the field was lovely, as we were finishing packing out our gear.

Karen & Matthew, Janice & Peter, Carlos and I finished the day with dinner at Amy's Cafe down by the river. Great little spot. Several of us discovered Fred Red Ale, from a local Fredericksbug brewery - fine tasty beer, in a generous 22 ounce bottle. We all recommend Amy's, and plan to return.

Great day for everyone. Even John's first day students got in a couple of short low flights.