I was a Live Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum Dulles Annex, Udvar-Hazy Center,
March 25, 2006

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Return to the Sky!

May 21st, the Day of the Rapture and Judgement, I travelled to the High Land, to be nearer unto the sky. ThIs day was more than a year since I last tried to reach the heavens!

And there was I called up into the heavens, just as it was foretold. Rising from the ground with the aid of the First Man and his Engine of Hope (like unto a flying dragon, it was!), i was carried to nearly a half mile above the unsaved, those Left Behind. But the First Man then signaled that I must make my own way for further ascension. I would have to ride the winds, and in my ride, I would be judged whether worthy enough to continue upward into glory. Alas, while I struggled hard, it seems I was judged not yet worthy. I fell slowly earthward, to rejoin those Left Behind. I could not, on my own, even reach that level to which the First Man had lifted me. In the space of seventeen minutes, I found myself once more about to be walking among the Left Behind. As I sped across the good green grass, passing the Flag of Many Directions, I spanned the grass from the hard road to the edge of hard road. Lest I fall upon the hardness of the road, just before I reached that road, I pushed my hands skyward in Praise, and settled gently to my feet in the last part of the good, green grass.

But I was not yet ready to accept this judgement upon my life's performance! Once more I tied myself to the Engine of Hope, and implored the FIrst Man to take me skyward a second time. He did not object, and again took me to most nearly a half mile above the green earth. Again, I saw his signal that I must make my own way into the heavens from there. I struggled, but in slow steps found myself only 2,000 feet (a sign of the Millennium, for sure!) above the trees and swamp. Here, my prayers were answered, and the wind lifted me upward, upward, at 400 feet per minute! But as I reveled in this uplifting joy, it seems my circles were not true, for at only 2800 feet above the trees and swamp, I fell from grace, and once more slowly descended, gliding earthward. As I approached the green field, I decided I must follow down the wind, consider my own base life, then undertake the final leg of my personal journey of hope for this day. This time, at the moment of 27 minutes of travel, I again raised my hands up unto the sky, and settled gently onto my feet in the center of the Good Green Grass field. For this act, I was praised by many, as it pleased them in my performance.

Yes, this day, I was Left Behind by several of the saved ones: Dave P, John S, Heather S, Tom McG, Steve K, Matthew G, Karen G, and Carlos W, Jon, Amy, Valerie, and others. But, this is not my last attempt. Be assured I will work hard to join them and others in the heavens again as the sun shines upon our earth!