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March 25, 2006

Monday, August 24, 2009

8/23/09 at the Pulpit

Saturday was filled with rain, courtesy of Bill running up the coast. Sunday was forecast as light NW, enough to tempt several of us out to High Ro9ck and the Pulpit. After a morning of socializing over coffee, I headed out to the Pulpit at 11:15. I arrived at launch at 1:18 - just missed my two hour travel prediction. A fair crowd of both hang glider and paraglider pilots assembled. The winds were very light, encouraging the PGers and discouraging the HGers. Finally about 2:30 Mark C played wind dummy and was rewarded with about a ten minute extendo. He then spent along time in the LZ waiting for company. at 3:30 Peter A gave it a try in his Sport 2. His sled got him all the way to the secondary, where he awaited a couple og PG pilots to join him. The winds looked doable at 4:00 but I waited for better. Shortly before 5:00 Tony D gave it a try. Another extendo. I had to wait for more pilots to come back up for crew.

I launched at 5:30. There was s bit of excitement as the north cross turned me toward the trees and I took a moment to correct. Once I got around the tree, I headed down over Route 16. For a moment I was above launch. Then I spent ten minutes losing 40 and gaining 30 feet. I closed out my 12 minute extended flight with a very sweet approach and landing. With cameras on both the base tube and the keel, I got two views of the flight. Here are the launch and landing for you.

Meanwhile, Mark C gave it another try and was rewarded with over an hour of flight. Here is his approach and landing.

Mark C Landing a the Pulpit 8/23/09 from Cragin S on Vimeo.