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March 25, 2006

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sled Day at Blue Sky, June 14

Launching & Landing at Blue Sky 6/14/08 from Cragin S on Vimeo.

The DC area forecast offered a 60% chance of thunderstorms; not conducive to flying. However, for Richmond the odds were only 20%, with SSW to SW winds. Blue Sky was worth a shot. Besides, I needed to drop off the UltraSport for Steve to hold on consignment - still looking for a buyer.

Rather than rushing down I-95, I started the morning at the NRA range to get in an hour punching holes in paper plates. The .22's just back from factory service did right nicely.

However, letting the traffic build up on the highway was not the best idea. The trip down took about 3 1/2 ours rather than the under 2 theoretically possible. Arrived about 2:30.

I found a moderate crowd with gliders set up. Mike told me that so far the lift had been light, and just seemed to be turning on. Others there included John, Ray M, Peter K, Chris O, Cathy (from NC), another Mike, Olaf the paraglider, and a few more.

All of us hang gliders took our sleds as they came. Only Olaf soared, working the tiny burbles of lift with his bag wing. That gave him FOTD. I scored three flights, having fun getting used to the U2. Tried a new mount position for the camera, on the downtube. I think it worked out well, but want to adjust the angle just a bit.

Driving home I got caught in the downpour. Oh, well.. the glider will dry out. I've had wet glider bags before.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Another Light Wind Day - Woodstock June 1

Well, Sunday ended up feeling a lot like Friday, May 23. I headed out to Woodstock with high hopes for a fine flying day. Arrived about 1:00 to find a tightly packed set up area, littered with gliders in bags, gliders set up, and various hang glider and paraglider pilots wandering around. Winds were light to nil, and no one was excited about leaping off the mountain. Then about 2:00 the sky reminded us that 20% chance of rain is not 0%. After two sessions of light rain, various PG pilots decided to give it a shot.
Matthew convinced our two Hang 2's present to take advantage of the available launch window, since there appeared to be more rain approaching from the far ridge across the valley. Tom observed Kathy off, then Matthew observed Dan. Each waited in the very light wind for a comfortable cycle, and showed us all excellent running launches. Here they are for your viewing enjoyment. Forgive the low grade video - cell phone camera.

I love the adulation of a cheering crowd!

A few more PGs flew, but I was not up for making my maiden mountain flight on the new U2 in such light winds P lus, it did look like another minor rain was coming. I headed home a little after 4:00, and, sure enough, was rained on on the highway.
THis was two skunked day sin a row at Woodstock. Gary S told me for him it was #5. Eventually I'll fly there again.