I was a Live Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum Dulles Annex, Udvar-Hazy Center,
March 25, 2006

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Highland, Saturday June 30 '07

The forecast for Saturday the 30th led me to believe the front would pass through and the overcast burn off well before noon. I got an early start to the Eastern shore and arrived in Ridgely at 1130. The sky was still totally overcast, ceiling about 4K. Even got lightly sprinkled on crossing the Bay Bridge. Darn.
Only a very few pilots came out on Saturday. Christian set up his Millenium, but then went back home. I had planned a two-day park trip, so I stuck it out. The park had a nice stream of tandem customers, but only three of us flying solo. Mid afternoon I had Zach pull me up for a couple of pattern tows, to get my sea legs. Everything went fine. After the second, I got a report of light but buoyant lift from a Discus pilot (sorry, don't know the name), so I went for a full pull to altitude.
I tried to work several small lift points, but was not really catching them, so the flight became a busy extended sled. Then I set up to land. In spite of my good work on the first two flights, this time I set up poorly, and was heading in right next to the swamp. Darn. I put the glider gently and safely right next to the big bush in the set up line, but did so with wings not level when I flared. That took a downtube out. Another darn for the day. I, of course had three spares back home. Adam checked, but had none in stock. There went my weekend of flying. Canceled my room at the Slo Horse Inn and was home before sundown.