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March 25, 2006

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saturday, January 6, 2007 - Taylor Farm Training Hill

With the forecast for SW winds and temps in the low 70's, how could I not spend the first Saturday in January flying? After some morning chores, I arrived at 1:00 to see strong winds and a bit of west cross. Dan T. had ridden his BMW down, beating me there by 15 minutes. John M. had two students, and all three of them were setting up gliders at the bottom by the trees, due to the strong winds. With Dan's help, I set up the Pulse on the top. The winds were well above 10 mph, and increasing for a while. NWS reports later showed a peak of 17 mph at 2:00 p.m.
I finally launched during a nice lull after 2:00. Dan and I alternated on the Pulse, picking lighter cycles. Even then, we both found bumps of lift just off the hill, nearly getting above launch. I flew three times, and Dan flew twice.
In the meantime, John was working with his students, and after about 3:30 they were flying from up the hill as the winds were more reasonable. We also had the help of Gary Campbell, who dropped by to see how things were looking. Gary told us he hopes to return to flying in the spring after a three year hiatus. He is looking forward to freeing his WW Eagle from the garage. Gary's stories included tales of Attack Ducks and XCs and flying years ago with Tad and Nelson and others.
Dan and I departed about 4:30, with John and hi students still enjoying the flying.
Fine day to be alive!