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March 25, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

Pulpit Fly In 2006

Pulpit Fly-In, September 16-17

Tradition continued with the opening day of the annual Pulpit Fly-In - we had to fly an alternate site. Winds were forecast from the NE, so we headed to Bill's Hill, where we were greeted by grey overcast, misting, and even a little light rain. Oh, yeah, and fog. Eventually things cleared enough for some flying. Winds were light, so there was no soaring, but both hang glider and paraglider pilots took our sleds like men (and women).
My flight was short enough to show you a pilot's view of the entire flight, from launch run to flare.

For a direct link to the video page, use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxV7ZdH3nsc

After I landed, I was able to film the approach to the LZ by new H2 Kathy, on her very first flight at Bill's.

Just want to see the video? link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wThFnkgq42Y

Later that night was our traditional campfire and grilled supper at the Pulpit Launch, complete with raffle prizes. I snapped quite a few photos. Here is a sampling:

to see all of them, you can go to

On Sunday the day started with a cloud deck between launch and the valley, Once it cleared, the light winds induced only a few pilots to fly, all of the early ones landing in the secondary LZ. I chose not to fly, and just enjoyed the day at launch. After the final flights if the day, several of us adjourned to the Mountain House Inn, next to launch, for a brew and recap. The Photobucket link above has a few shots there, also.

August Vacation Flying

In a break from many years of standard family vacation practice, Kay agreed to let me drive the truck and bring gliders along to our annual August timeshare escape. This worked out well, since our vacation condo is in Williamsburg, only an hour away from Blue Sky Flight Park. She even agreed to not one, but two, flying days for me, allowing herself to be stranded in Williamsburg in the condo with only a/c, cable television, full kitchen, hot tub, three swimming pools, two restaurants, a bar, an exercise room, her two dozen library books, and an iPod with 2,000 songs on it to keep her company while I was away. Oh, the hardships that wonderful woman will endure to give me a few hours of escape to the sky.
On Sunday, August 13, I made my first trip down I-64 to Richmond. The crowd was small, and the winds iffy. It looked like low launches from the truck were likely, and few thermals. There was not a lot of enthusiasm for flying, but eventually a few folks took to the air from Steve's truck. I flew my Pulse for a change, and got in three sleds, all in the late afternoon post 5:30 p.m. In the light conditions my tows were in the 800 to 950 foot range. Flights were smooth and uneventful, with decent landings.
The following Thursday, August 17, I returned to Blue Sky for another truck tow day. Even smaller crowd than Sunday, since it was a weekday. Winds ENE 5-15 and rowdy, with a lot of cross at midfield. As a result, I didn't fly until late, after 5:00 again. Once more, three sleds. This time I flew the UltraSport. with tow heights between 800 and 900 ' AGL. FUn easy going days that week. Blue Sky is a great place to hang out and fly.