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March 25, 2006

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Saturday November 5 at Taylor Farm Training Hill

Good time on the training hill Saturday. I had a specific mission this time, to practice light wind launches with my Ultrasport. A few weeks ago at Woodstock I set up but did not fly because the winds were so light. Brian flew his Falcon that day, and Carlos his Pulse. If I had had my Pulse, I would have, also, but was not sure of myself on very light wind run with the heavier US.
All last year, every time I went to the training hill, I had used my Pulse, because it is easier to carrry back up the hill.
This time I brought both gliders, but only set up the US. I got in three good launches, all in very light and slightly crossing winds. Lots of running... 2 or 3 steps more on the hill than I may have needed with the Pulse. The various Falcon and Eagle pilots in John's class were getting airborne sooner than I.
With three flights, even though the launches were good, I did get a bit tired on the carries back up. I was fatigued on the final flight, and did not handle the landing well. No damage, just embarrasing to slide it in.
John's students were looking good. Bob, who has had one WS flight with John on a Falcon is now ready to seek observers, comfortable with his new Eagle and Z5 harness. Chris Donahue looked very good on his launches and landings (better than me). Busy as a catcher at the trapeze school, he did not get to the mountains all summer, and is ready to get in some flying again.
Taking it easy Sunsday, and out of town next week, so gonna be a while before I get another flying day.