I was a Live Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum Dulles Annex, Udvar-Hazy Center,
March 25, 2006

Monday, October 31, 2005

Saturday, October 29 - Wave at Woodstock

I launched at 3:15, after David Bodner had landed, into about 7 mph, immediately after Karen. She must have gotten high fast, because I never did spot her. I stayed on the ridge for ~30 minutes, mostly between the two fingers, and hit 6375 MSL (4520 over launch). At that point I was looking straight out in front at the side of the clouds. definitely cloudbase+. I was also being pushed down the ridge to the south, away from the LZ, and not of my own choosing, so I pulled on the string and stuffed the bar to go out into the valley. That got me down, but more down than I had planned, to 700 over launch but out front and just south of Woodstock. I had previously set a destination in my gps of Dan's Budget Motel field on 11. I landed there (4 mi XC) at 45 minutes, right at 4.
The lift out there was amazing. I was not totally convinced at the time it was wave, although Bruce's 3K over me is a good indicator of wave.. rare to get that high in anything other than wave.
My descent was interesting.. bar totally stuffed, glider flew straighte and smooth, no handling difficulty at all. But I was focused on the clouds, and did not realize how much I had descended becasue the ridge was behind me.
I was marking the ground to see that I was making forward progress. Also, when it is stuffed, I cannot see the instruments
After a sweet no step landing on the back side of the field, away from 11 (slight uphill shape, perfect for landing), I walked from my LZ to the launch road in WS.. 2.5 miles. It was beautiful day for a walk. Karen had my truck and met me there so we went to launch to get hers. That is when she heard Carlos on the radio sking for a pick up in back
oh.. on Dan's Budget field..
the back of it has a great uphill landing area like a shallower main lz
PLUS, at that end is a gate held only by a clipped chain
so you can walk the gilder right out to Hoover Rd, no fence climbing needed.
Super sweet day, with a flight that stretched me a bit, and a nice walk.